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Doctor Robert Chase

Intensivist MD

19 March 1990
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Robert Chase learned at a young age that caring was painful. If he cared, people would get hurt and people would only leave his side as he tried to reach out. He had a happy family: a loving mother, a hard-working father. They lived together in sunny Australia and, to any untrained eye, would seem to be that one perfect family. Beneath the wealth, the faux smiles and painted on morals were conditions that even he now does not understand. He just knows and that alone is enough to crease a grimace onto his face.

He's not sure at all why his mother started drinking like she did. He had an idea that it was because she was alone all the time, that his father left her without even a single good bye. However, he also wondered if her drinking was what pushed his father away, what kept him out of the house as long as he could physically last. Some days, he admired his father for his strength. He admired the man that came home every night just to tuck him in and make sure he was safe. But as the alcohol became stronger and more prevalent in their lives, the weaker his father's presence became.

Years passed and soon, Rowan didn't show up at all. He'd wait eagerly, searching for his father in the stands of a game or waiting for his car to pull into the drive but each only lead to false hopes. They were really alone. Instead of playing football out in the yard with the other children, he had to stay inside and make sure his mother didn't destroy anything and keep her calm. He had to hold her hair as her stomach turned against all of the liquor her small body should never have been able to hold. He had to will her into sleep and calm her fitful dreams all while his childhood wasted away. He can only remember her whispering his name affectionately as she drifted to sleep, her alcohol induced smile making him sick at his stomach.

When she's finally asleep, he goes up to his room and prays. He prays how he's taught to and hopes that he'll wake up and find that everything crumbling around him was only a nightmare.

It's at her funeral that he meets his father again and it takes all of the self-control that he has to keep from screaming, fighting, hurting the man he once called his father. But he remains calm and avoidant, not meeting any one person's eyes even though he needs contact, needs comfort. Everyone around him cried, but he breathed a sigh of relief and gave one good smile to the coffin before he turned and walked away, causing many to gasp at the carefree ease in his step and smile. He didn't care what they thought about him. Besides, they didn't even know the beginning of it.

A seminary school drop-out, Robert Chase took up a profession in medicine (strongly ignoring that yes, he was following his father's trail) and found his way to North America, a place that reminded him of everything but home. And when he's forced to undergo House's ramblings and bitter ragings, he finds himself grinning wider than he ever has before (and he's sure House will go on about that sometime, too). He's not certain where his cruel apathy comes from, but he doesn't mind it one bit.

He just chalks it up to bad luck, alcohol, and disappointments and hurries on with his day. Afterall, NICU is always understaffed and he needs something to do to keep from thinking.


*Role Playing profile for fear_alchemist at plainsboro. Strictly fictional. The character Robert Chase does not belong to me and I have no affiliation to Jesse Spencer nor am I him in any way, shape or form.